Zerona Laser in OKC: Reveal Your TRUE Shape

BodyTrends is proud to bring the Zerona Laser to Oklahoma City. If you are seeking the quickest way to reduce inches and the most rapid weight loss technology in OKC, Zerona may be the right way for you. With Zerona, a reduction of 6 inches or 2-3 Dress sizes or Pant sizes is possible in a 2 week periods, in just 6 short sessions.

Zerona is a new non-invasive body-sculpting laser designed to instantly remove fat, design to reduce inches and contour the body without invasive surgery. It can be conceptualized as Liposuction without surgery, Laser Lipo without incisions, or Non-surgical lipo. It is completely painless. It does not involve incisions, bleeding, or downtime. There is no requirement for the use of external garments. Furthermore, there is also no recovery period. You can resume your normal activities immediately, as soon as the treatment session has concluded.

Before Zerona Laser Treatment  After Zerona Laser Treatment

Unlike cosmetic surgery and plastic surgery, the risk of complication with Zerona is minimal. Thus, Zerona represents a significant advance in body sculpting, body shaping, contouring, inch reduction and fat loss technology without any of the risks associated with surgery.

The Zerona laser is a low-level laser which operates at a wavelength of 635nm. At this wavelength, it can be used to safely emulsify adipose tissue by causing pores to form in the fat cell (adipocyte) through which the contained fat droplet can be expelled in to tissue space. Once there, the fat droplet is reabsorbed into the lymphatic system and can be eliminated and excreted from the body.

Double blind Clinical studies have proven its effectiveness in emulsifying fat in fat cell layers. Studies of Zerona effectiveness when applied to the abdomen, waist, hip, buttocks, and thighs indicate an inch loss of around 4 inches to up to 9 inches in 2 weeks. The treatments are approximately 40 minutes in duration.

Before Zerona Laser Treatment  After Zerona Laser Treatment

Zerona can also be used to slim, tighten, tone and contour the chin neck area arms, and legs.

BodyTrends offers Zerona as a stand-alone treatment or in combination with VIP muscle toning, and Accent XL skin tightening treatments.


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