Laser Hair Removal in OKC

Many women are cursed with an upper lip that is hairy or legs more furry than the average linebacker. Some men get ‘ingrown” hairs, others ear hair or back hair. Only the lucky ones of us were blessed to have hair exactly in the places we wanted and none in the places we don’t. The majority of us pluck, shave, or trim this hair, others use waxing, sugaring or even harsh chemicals to rid ourselves of these nuisances. Few of us realize that there is a relatively new, convenient and simple way to manage the problem of unwanted body hair. The way is GentleLASE, Laser Hair Removal available at Body Trends spa in Oklahoma City.

How It Works:

A laser is a highly focused and filtered energetic beam of light. The primary principle behind laser hair removal is selective photothermolysis. Lasers can cause localized damage by selectively heating dark target matter, like melanin, in the area that causes hair growth, (the follicle), while not heating the rest of the skin. Light is absorbed by dark objects, so laser energy can be absorbed by dark material in the skin (but with much more speed and intensity). This dark target matter, or chromophore, can be naturally-occurring or artificially introduced.

The GentleLase Laser Hair reduction laser at BodyTrends selectively targets melanin, considered the primary chromophore for all hair removal lasers currently on the market. Melanin occurs naturally in the skin. It gives skin and hair its color. There are two types of melanin in hair: eumelanin (which gives hair brown or black color) and pheomelanin (which gives hair blonde or red color). Because of the selective absorption of photons of laser light, only black or brown hair can be removed.

Both men and women seek laser hair removal services to have superfluous or unwanted hair removed or reduced. In Oklahoma City Laser Hair removal is commonly done on lip, chin, ear lobe, shoulders, back, underarm, abdomen, buttocks, pubic area, bikini lines, thighs, face, neck, chest, arms, legs, hands, and toes, just as it is in most areas of the US.

Laser works best with dark coarse hair. Light skin and dark hair are an ideal combination, but new lasers are now able to target dark black hair even in patients with dark skin.

Repetition rate is believed to have a cumulative effect, based on the concept of thermal relaxation time. Shooting two or three pulses at the same target with a specific delay between pulses can cause a slight improvement in the heating of an area. This may increase the "kill rate" for each treatment slightly.

Is GentleLASE Laser Hair Removal Painful?

One criticism of Methods of Laser hair removal has been discomfort. Epidermal cooling or skin cooling using a refrigerant or cooling agent to the skin immediately before the laser pulse to the skin has been determined to allow higher energy transfer and reduce pain and side effects, especially in darker skin. So, a particularly uncomfortable process is made very comfortable by the inclusion of this comfort feature by the GentleLASE system.

How many Treatments are needed?

Multiple treatments, usually 6-8, but as much as 12 depending on the type of hair you have and skin color, have been shown in numerous studies to provide long-term reduction of hair. Current parameters suggest a series of treatments spaced at 4-6 weeks apart for most areas, although the timing of treatments has still not been standardized. The number of sessions depends on various parameters, including the area of the body treated, skin color, coarseness of hair, and gender. In addition, since hair grows in several phases, (anagen, telogen, catagen), and laser can only affect the currently actively growing follicles, (anagen), several sessions are needed to kill hair in all phases of growth. Coarse dark hair on light skin is easiest to treat. Finer hair and hair on darker skin is harder to treat and may require more treatments. Certain areas (notably men's and women's faces) may require considerably more treatments to achieve desired results.

It's important to note that laser does not work on light hair and very fine and vellus hair ("peach fuzz"). In OKC Electrolysis is the only permanent solution for those types of hair but has shortcomings such as possible scarring, expense, and discomfort.

Hair removal lasers, like GentleLase, can also be effective treatment for pseudofolliculitis barbae (commonly called ingrown hairs or "shaving bumps").

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